Adoc is the national association for consumers' defence and guidance. We are specialised in supporting consumers in pursuing the respect of their rights as savers, users, taxpayers, and as the main stakeholders in healthcare system. Founded in 1988, it has now 65.000 members. Adoc now covers all the Italian regions and every province.

In each Adoc centre Adoc lawyers give their assistance to consumers. Thanks to the volunteers and the experts that support our activity, we are able to give information, guidance and legal support and assistance to all the aspects connected to consumers'defence. We are also specialised in pursuing alternative legal solutions in controversies through arbitration and extra-judicial procedures based on national agreements with companies representatives and associations.


Aims and campaigns

  • Information, guidance and assistance to consumers
  • Campaign for traceability of food
  • Campaign for a fair human nutrition
  • Fighting against micro-criminality
  • Control on fare and prices and promotion of a reform of the price-cap system
  • Campaigns for a real and comprehensive protection of private information
  • Fighting against trusts and market abuses
  • Campaigns against obligatory fees in Telecom and broadcasting sectors
  • Campaigns for the liberalisation of markets especially in public utilities and services
  • Legal assistance to e-commerce purchasers
  • Sevice Charters' and quality standards monitoring reports about legal responsabilities of the public services suppliers
  • Campaigns for childhood protection in broadcasts and as advertisments' targets
  • Actions to limit and abolish vexatory and abusive conditions and clauses in contracts
  • Monitoring of advertising campaigns and reporting before the court and national authorities of mis-leading messages
  • Abolition of Vat application on inland obligatory payments on electricity, gas and gasoline bills and prices
  • Alternative solutions to contractual controversies in banking, assurances, post, transports, public utilities sectors
  • Campaigns for the introduction of the "class actions" bill in Italy
  • Campaigns for a fair and transparent information in baniking and assurances sectors
  • Contemporary art exhibitions and performances to back solidarity
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